Skin Differences: How Different Is Men’s Skin From Women’s?

Skin Differences: How Different Is Men’s Skin From Women’s?

It isn’t unusual to hear women talk about their skin and their skin care routine. Some women may even have a routine that’s so involved, it includes multiple steps! Hey, maintaining a youthful glow and beautiful skin isn’t easy!

Some women are so into skin care, they’ll even try to get the men in their lives on a similar skin care regimen without realizing that men and women have quite a few skin differences. 

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So, what is it about a guy’s skin that makes it different from a woman’s? Can they use the same products as women, or do they really need their own gendered skin care products?

First, let’s look at the difference in male and female skin.

5 Differences Between Male And Female Skin

When we compare men to women, skin rarely comes into the equation, but it should. Sure, men are able to grow facial hair, but what are some other things that makes a man’s skin different than women’s skin.

Skin Thickness

Men have skin that is thicker than women and this is attributed to the guys testosterone. In fact, a man’s skin is 25% thicker. Although their skin is thicker, they do lose that thickness as they age. A woman’s skin retains its thickness until about 50 years old, at which the thickness thins quite a bit.

Collagen Density

No matter what age the man is, he will have higher collagen density than his female partner. This abundance of collagen is one of the main reasons why a man seems to never age. Of course there are other factors that contribute to how skin ages, but that’s for another time.

Loss Of Collagen

After their 30th birthday, both men and women will lose one percent of their collagen every year going forward. Women experience faster collagen loss from 30 to 35, whereas men do not.


Male And Female Models

One of the more noticeable differences between male and female skin is that a man’s skin is rougher. After puberty, men will produce more sebum than women, which is why they have acne that sticks around longer.


Water is important for your skin’s hydration regardless of what gender you are. However, men have more lactic acid (skin’s natural humectant) in their sweat which could be why their skin looks more hydrated.


After seeing the differences between male and female skin, you may think guys don’t have to pay attention to their skin. While they may not have to put on face masks, moisturizer, toner and all the other steps some women take, they still should practice basic skin care. This means applying SPF, drinking lots of water, washing their faces with a good cleanser.

What are your thoughts on skin care for men? Have you tried getting the men in your life on the skin care bandwagon? Leave your comments below!

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