Silver Fox Mini-Facial Steamer Review

Silver Fox Mini-Facial Steamer Review

If your favorite part about going to a spa is the facial steamer, then you should consider buying one that you could use in your home. Imagine the money you would save by not going to the spa and giving yourself the spa treatment at home.

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer is the best portable facial steamer you can buy. It can easily fit in your bag, and you'll forget you even have it. If you're worried about quality, Ozone Facial Steamer has got you covered.

About The Product

Having a personal facial steamer is the most efficient way to steam your face without having to go to the spa every time.

Woman steaming face with Silver Fox Portable Mini Facial Steamer

Most facial steamers provide only one benefit for your clogged pores, and that is steam. Steam will loosen up your pores to remove any dirt that's stuck in there.

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer goes above and beyond because it also has a UV ozone function that increases the vapor quantity.

This means that with every spray you receive more vapor when your turn on the UV feature. For spa results, choose a product that offers the most spa services.


Here are some notable features of this amazing portable facial steamer:

  • Movable vapor nozzle
  • Vapor Function
  • Separate UV function
  • Auto shut-off
  • Rubber stoppers on base

Who Is AW International?

AW International develops more than just beauty products. In fact, AW International's most popular selling devices are related to fitness and construction.

The people at AW International only incorporate high-quality materials when manufacturing their products. This ensures you receive a high-quality device at a reasonable price.

The company is known for producing devices that cost the buyer close to nothing. AW International makes sure you get the best possible price for the product you'll be paying.

Who Can Benefit?

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer can benefit anyone who is trying to take proper care of their skin. After using Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer once to twice a week, you’ll notice your skin looking healthier and free of blemishes.

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer is portable, so someone who travels a lot will find great use out of the device.

You can easily put it in your carry-on bag and take it on a flight anywhere.

This means you'll have a personal spa that can fit in your bag. Not a lot of people can say that.

Woman steaming face with Silver Fox Portable Mini Facial Steamer

It doesn't matter if you have dry or oily skin. Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer suits any skin type and will improve any skin type.

For those who already have a skincare routine, adding Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer will enhance that routine. After you expose your face to steam, your pores loosen. This means you should use a face mask immediately after finishing up your facial steaming session.

Since your pores are softened, they can quickly absorb the nutrient-rich ingredients found in face masks. Your skin will benefit greatly from the deep pore cleaning both Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer and a face mask offers.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer functions similarly to a spa-grade facial steamer because of the mechanics behind it. The compact design, as well as the vapor/ozone combination, makes this the ultimate facial steamer on the skincare market.

Portable Design

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer is designed to be portable. You can use the device anywhere at any time, which means you have access to a spa level facial treatment at all times.

Woman after using Silver Fox Portable Mini Facial Steamer

The machine can easily come apart, so you can bundle it up and fit it into your bag. The people who mostly take advantage of this feature are those who travel a lot and have to carry their essentials on them at all times.

The nozzle is detachable and movable, so you can be as direct as possible when Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer is emitting steam.

This means if there's a particular portion of your face that needs extra attention, Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer has got you covered.

Dual Vapor & UV Function

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer has two vapor options for you to choose from.

You can turn on both of these features at the same time for a supercharged facial steaming experience.

The facial steamer comes with a chamber that you're supposed to fill up with water. There's a red line dictating how much water should be poured, so you don't get confused. Once you pour the water, you can choose to turn on either the vapor or UV.

When you decide to turn on both vapor and UV, you'll notice the difference in steaming quality. The UV works to increase the vapor quantity, which also produces more charged ions. These ions work to limit the amount of wrinkles that appear due to sun exposure.

Safety Feature

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns off after you don't use the device for 30 minutes. This is an excellent safety feature because sometimes you can forget to leave the device on, which can start a fire.

For those who have children or pets at home, you can use Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer stress-free and actually enjoy the facial steaming experience.

What Others Say

Buyers either love or hate Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer because of the mechanics behind the device. 

Buyers especially love ​detachable and movable extension which focuses steam on problematic area. And Aromatherpay is a big plus.

Some customers had their facial steamers inside parts broke after heating water just one time.

Some buyers recommend filling up the water a little below the red mark. Buyers who overfilled their water chamber ended up breaking it.

Silver Fox Portable Mini Facial Steamer

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Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer works ideally as a personal device. 

If you are a professional, buyers don’t recommend using this device on other people. It is too small to be shared and used comfortably by anyone.

Where Can I Buy?

Not a lot of retailers sell Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer, so Amazon is the only trusted retailer you can buy this item from. Amazon offers detailed pictures of the product if you want to know more information about what you are going to buy.

Final Verdict

This is the ideal facial steamer if you are always on the go and want to stay on top of your skincare regime. I would highly recommend buying Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer.

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