The Science Behind Facial Steamers: Everything You Need To Know

The Science Behind Facial Steamers: Everything You Need To Know

Regularly steaming your face promotes a healthy youthful glow that people typically spend hundreds of dollars for at a spa. With the proper instrument, you can start including facial steaming to your skincare routine.

You'll start to notice the benefits of a couple steaming sessions, and you'll wonder why you didn't begin sooner.

Enhanced Circulation

Your face has skin receptors that alert the brain when the surrounding temperature increases. So when you steam your face, your brain gets signals that the temperature around your skin is rising. As a response, your body begins undergoes a thermoregulating process.

Facial Blood Circulation

During this thermoregulating response, blood vessels in your face start to dilate. This causes more blood to flow to the skin so your body can let off some of the excess heat it detected. The increased blood presence also delivers more nutrients and oxygen to your facial tissue.

If you have really dry and dull skin, the enhanced circulation is what causes a youthful, rosy after-steam glow.

Cleans Your Pores

For those who experience constant acne breakouts, your problem might be clogged pores. Dermatologists agree that a majority of patients could reduce their number of acne breakouts if they started facial steaming.

Getting Rid Of Pores On Nose

Even if you have clear skin, facial steaming is the best way to cleanse your face thoroughly. When you expose your skin to steam, it begins to sweat. The sweating then opens the pores that are typically clogged with bacteria and other undesirable toxins.

Facial steaming also softens the initial layer of dead skin cells that promote an aging appearance. Once this layer is removed, your skin releases dirt that is usually the culprit behind breakouts.

It is wrong to say that facial steaming opens up your pores. Pores don’t open or close when you apply steam. In fact, all facial steaming does is unclog your pores. Removing trapped dirt has anti-aging benefits, so you can take advantage of steaming your face, regardless of age and skin type.

Are There Any Side Effects

There are no reported adverse side effects of facial steaming. In fact, dermatologists recommend steaming your face once a week to enjoy the positive effects. Excessive steaming can worsen acne problems, so don't surpass the recommended usage.

Woman Using Using Facial Steamer

Make sure not to use steam that is too hot because it may burn your skin.

Buy One Or Do One Yourself

If you want to start facial steaming, you have two options. You can either buy a facial steamer or make one yourself. Keep in mind that you'll get faster results using a facial steamer especially if you've never done this before.

Different Facial Steamer Designs :

  • Flared
  • Flower Blossom
  • Spa-Grade

As you can see, there are three different facial steamer designs that vary in cost.

The most expensive steamer you can buy would be the spa-grade one because those come with a UV facial lamp. These lamps prevent your skin cells from overgrowing, which helps to treat people with medically diagnosed skin conditions.

Facial Steamer On Table

The cheaper facial steamers are either flared or have a flower blossom design. The flared model can fit your entire face to provide a full facial steaming. The flower blossom design emits steam in small sections, so you can use it to target certain portions of your face.

If you want to make your facial steamer, keep in mind that you can't regulate the steam's temperature. This means you won't know when the steam is getting too hot for your face.

A facial steamer regulates the temperature for you, so all you have to do is sit and wait for the device to release the steam.


Dermatologists number one recommendation to patients who have acne breakouts is to start a weekly facial steaming session. It'll take only 15 minutes, and as a result, you'll have clean and youthful looking skin.

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After one month of steaming your face, you'll look years younger, and you'll be using water vapor to achieve this goal. There is nothing more natural than using water to clean your face.

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