How To Properly Do A Facial Steam: The Step By Step Guide

How To Properly Do A Facial Steam: The Step By Step Guide

Less and fewer people are going to spas because they are creating an in-home spa. Nowadays, you can easily buy the instruments required for a facial steaming, and you can do so in the comfort of your home.

You no longer have to throw away your money at spas when you can invest your money to buy a facial steamer.

How To Steam Your Face At Home

There are two ways you can steam your face. You can use a facial steamer that does the job for you, or you can make a facial steamer. You already have all the instruments you need at home to mimic what a facial steamer does.

Boiling Water On Gas

Boil Water

For those steaming face at home without a facial steamer, all you have to do is boil a small pot of water. While the pot is heating, you can use this time to wash your face, so you eliminate a layer of makeup or dirt present.

Make sure not to exfoliate your face before steaming it. If you do exfoliate your skin beforehand, you run the risk of irritating your skin during the steaming process.

Portion & Add Essential Oils

After you notice the water is boiling, you should pour a portion of it into a ceramic bowl. To recreate a spa-like experience, you can add herbs or essential oils to the water. This addition will enhance the steaming and release beneficial aromas.

Recommended Herbs & Essential Oils

If you're looking for an invigorating facial steam session, you should add peppermint or lemongrass to your water.

Preparing Facial Steam With Herbs

If you’re looking for a relaxing facial steam session, you should add chamomile or lavender to your water.

For an immune system boost, you should add eucalyptus or peppermint to your water. This can be particularly useful during the wintertime when you're more prone to get sick.

If you've had a tough day at work and wanted to wind down, sandalwood or bergamot will do the job. All you have to do is add a bit of either to create a stressless steam.

Hover Your Face

After you quickly add the essential oils, you need to hover your face over the steaming bowl. To get the full effect of the facial steaming, you should drape a towel over your head. This creates a tent-like environment, so the steam has nowhere to escape.

Woman Hovering Face

You need to keep your face in this position for 10 minutes. While you're waiting, it's recommended to breathe deeply and close your eyes, so you allow the heat to do its job. This shouldn't be a stressful procedure, and if it is you aren't doing it correctly.

Make sure not to steam your face for more than 10 minutes, and stay at least a foot away from the steam. If you get too close to the water, the excessive heat exposure can cause skin inflammation to occur.

Post-Steam Cleaning

After your ten minutes are up, you should finish your skin cleansing session with a facial mask. Since you steamed your face at home beforehand, your pores are more susceptible to the beneficial ingredients found in facial masks.


Even if you buy a facial steamer, you should apply a facial mask after you complete your steaming session. You’ll notice your skin will appear healthier and younger because you combine the effects of both a facial steaming and a facial mask.

Woman Wearing Facial Mask

If you want to save money and try out facial steaming at home, you should follow the steps detailed above. The do it yourself steaming won’t be as effective as a facial steamer, but you’ll get an idea of how your skin reacts to the process.

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