A Brief Look At The Positives Of A Face Mask

A Brief Look At The Positives Of A Face Mask

Face masks are an inexpensive way to bring the spa over to your home. People often pay hundreds of dollars for a spa visit that includes a face mask. You'll be ditching the spa after you find out you can perform most of the relaxing activities for yourself while you're at home.

For those who have never gone to the spa before, and have never used a face mask, then you're probably wondering what it is? Don't worry; we've compiled all the necessary information regarding face masks, so you can decide whether or not it is a skincare product you can put to good use.

What Are Face Masks?

A face mask normally contains a combination of ingredients that are well-known to keep your face young and radiant. These skincare products come loaded with vitamins and minerals that you didn’t even know your skin needed.

You can't pick and choose a face mask and hope it'll work out in the end. Since there are thousands of face mask options available, you'll really have to do your research as to which one best treats your particular skin.

Woman with a face mask.

You’ll know when a face mask is working when your skin feels hydrated, less oily, and your pores have minimized in appearance. Also, if you tend to wear a lot of makeup, a great way to remove all the creams that have clogged your pores is by applying a face mask.

How Long Should You Use Face Masks?

People new to the face mask treatment should know that each specific mask type has set instructions you need to follow. If you’re using a face mask for acne, then applying a face mask once a week should be enough for you to start witnessing results.

Within a one-month time frame, you'll notice remarkable results that include less acne and no more blackheads.

Types Of Face Masks: How Do They Help Your Face?

Sheet Masks

Those who are looking to reduce the effects that aging has had on your face will find that sheet face masks are an excellent treatment. They are a much cheaper alternative to plastic surgery. All you’re doing is exposing your skin to nutrients and minerals it was lacking.

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, sagginess, large pores, then you fall under the category of having mature skin. Since the issue with mature skin lies in the lack of collagen present in your skin, you require a face mask that exposes more collagen to your skin.

The best face mask that can stimulate collagen growth on your face is the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask. Since this face mask comes in such large quantities, you can easily go through the whole treatment to witness fast results.

Mud Masks

One of the most popular mud masks comes with mud that originates back to the Dead Sea. This Dead Sea Mud is known to contain vitamins and minerals that will revitalize your skin. You can often find mud masks available for both the face and body, but most people prefer to use mud masks on their face.

A noteworthy treatment that mud masks provide is the deep cleaning of your pores. Our pores are known to collect and absorb thousands of germs, which can leave your body vulnerable to showing signs of illness.

If you use a mud mask to unclog your pores naturally, then you significantly reduce your chance of getting sick.

Woman applying a facial mud mask.

Clay Masks

Clay face masks have unique properties to it that draws out toxins present in your pores. The clay that's typically used to make these masks is bentonite clay. This clay is known for binding itself to heavy metals such as mercury, benzene, and other pollutants that your skin may have absorbed from the outside environment.

This means that when you expose your face to a clay mask, you are giving it a chance to breathe. Since the clay is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, your skin will benefit in more ways than one.

Gel Masks

Most sheet masks tend to be gel masks because they contain hydrogel technology that gives the mask a gel texture to it. These masks are excellent for treating dry skin since the gel present and hydrate layers of your skin.

Those with oily skin want to stay away from gel masks since it will only exacerbate the problem at hand.

Exfoliating Masks

An exfoliating mask is more like a scrub than a mask, but you do have to massage it around your whole face. Since exfoliating can be harsh on your skin, it's a good idea to exfoliate once a week. People usually leave exfoliating their face as a task to do on a Sunday night, while you're de-stressing and preparing for the work week.

Exfoliating Mask.

One single exfoliating mask will remove an entire layer of dead skin cells, which leaves the skin underneath glowing and healthy. 

Exfoliating masks are a lot cheaper to use since you can easily make one for yourself at home. In fact, dermatologists recommend making your own exfoliating mask rather than buying it from your local drugstore.

Charcoal Face Mask

Some might be shocked to hear that charcoal is a skincare remedy that people have been making face masks out of for some time now. The main ingredient present in a charcoal face mask is charcoal, which eliminates any toxins, bacteria, dirt, oil, and chemicals present in your pores.

A charcoal face mask can be identified as a peel-off face mask since you remove the charcoal mask by peeling it off. The charcoal will stick onto your skin like glue, so it's not a good idea to leave the mask on for longer than necessary.

Another name you may have heard of this mask going by is black face mask since your face will be covered with a black cream that will harden so you can peel it off.


If you prefer a less messy and easily transportable method of cleaning your face, then you would benefit from relying on sheet masks. With sheet masks, you don't need to measure out exactly how much cream you need be because it's already laid out for you.

Woman with a facial mask on a half of her face.

At the end of the day, you need to finalize your face mask type based on your skin type. Even if one particular face mask is easier to apply than others, you want to avoid using it if it doesn’t adhere to your skin type.

Those who have additional questions or comments should feel free to leave them below. We will make it our top priority to respond.

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