Finding The Best Facial Steamer For The Money

Finding The Best Facial Steamer For The Money

Many people haven't even heard of a facial steamer which is quite a shame. Facial steamers are such an effective way to care for your skin and does not involve topping up on expensive creams or facial products.

As with any other cosmetic product, it is imperative to ensure the product you choose is of top quality. You are going to be using this product to treat your face, and you do not want it to cause any irritation or difficulties with your sensitive facial skin.

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Why You Should Choose Your Facial Steamer Carefully

Skincare products must be purchased with care because ineffective products are capable of actually causing more harm than good.

There are a few ways to ensure that you are purchasing a good facial steamer for your money that will not end up damaging your skin. The first way to ensure that you get only the best quality product is to purchase your facial steamer from an established manufacturer.

Panasonic Steamer Quality

Companies who have experience producing these products and who possess a pedigree to uphold have a good chance of making a high-quality product to ensure that they maintain their good reputation.

In an industry where reputation means quite a bit, this is a rather good guarantee that your product will be of high quality, but you cannot rely entirely on the manufacturer as a way to ensure that your product is of good quality.

Another good way to ensure that your product features high quality and will not irritate your skin is to pay attention to the reviews, both professional and consumer.

Another risk to purchasing the wrong facial steamer is not as serious as the matter of facial irritation and bad reactions, but it is still worth noting.

Innerfecitve Facial Steamer

Some facial steamers may be of such low quality that in reality, they accomplish little more for you than splashing some water on your face.

If you make the mistake of purchasing a facial steamer which does almost nothing for your face, you will have wasted your money.

These are the reasons for which it is important to research your product before deciding to make your purchase.

As with any other product, a well-researched purchased is far better than a blind purchase, and you will end up saving yourself a good amount of money and heartache if you take a moment to see how your product has been reviewed by other customers before making your purchase.

How To Choose The Best Facial Steamer

There are a few aspects to consider before you make your purchase of your new facial steamer. This section should be particularly helpful to those who are unaware of the different features included with facial steamers that can contribute to a better experience.

However, even if you already have experience using and purchasing facial steamers and finding the best facial steamer for your needs, this section should be a good refresher on what to look for.

When purchasing a product, the most important thing to take into account is whether the number of features and the quality of the product itself is in line with the amount of money you are spending.

If you spend a rather large sum of money on a facial steamer, you would obviously not want it to break after the second use. This is the case with any product and not just facial steamers, so it helps to use this philosophy when making any purchase.


The most crucial aspect to consider before making your facial steamer purchase is the price point and how it compares to your budget. Depending on how much money you would like to spend on your facial steamer, you can expect it to have more or less extra features or quite simply better components such as batteries.

Your budget is one of the more personal aspects of making a purchase, so this category is far more dependent upon the individual making the purchase than other aspects which should be considered.

Money from a printer

However, there are still a few things to consider to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money and that you are not overpaying.

In the case of facial steamers, it would be a good idea to research a few other products before making your decision. If you neglect to research similarly priced products, you may miss out on a sale or a product which simply combines more features and better effectiveness at the same price.

Perseverance will always get you the most value for your money.


Another aspect you will want to search for in your product is a factory warranty. Products which feature a factory warranty will tend to be better built than those who do not feature any warranty.

A warranty demonstrates that a manufacturer has faith in their product to perform as advertised. A manufacturer who uses a warranty will likely utilize better components in the construction of their products, so they will certainly last longer.

It is also important to examine whether the warranty covers certain parts of the product or the product in its entirety.

warranty for products

With smaller products like facial steamers, there will typically be a warranty for the whole product, but there can sometimes be different warranty lengths for different parts of the product.

It is a good idea to ensure that you have carefully read the terms of the warranty before making your purchase, so you do not get caught out of warranty at an inconvenient time.

One last thing to consider about the warranty is the duration. Many warranties last for a token amount of time, such as a month. Warranties such as these are incredibly ineffective as they provide almost no guarantee.

Our Recommendations

Below are detailed reviews about different facial steamers that will suit anyone’s needs and budget.

Our Top Pick: Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer

Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer is the best steamer machine for facial treatments because you get more than what you pay for. Secura is a leading brand for skincare products, and their facial steamers are one of their bestsellers. Keep on reading for more information about Secura's Facial Steamer.

Who Is Secura?

Instead of just manufacturing beauty appliances, Secura produces fitness and kitchen appliances as well. The company has sold over eight million products and is still continuing to sell more. Their success lies in the fact that they produce high-grade products at prices almost anyone can afford.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone can find use out of Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer. The facial steamer isn’t specific to a skin type, so those with either dry or oily skin can take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

This facial cleaner works better than competing models because of its nano-ionic technology.

If you have acne breakouts, this is the device that will remove the dirt clogging up your pores within a matter of minutes.

You only need to use the device once to twice a week to feel the full effects of the facial steamer kick in.

Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer

What’s The Technology?

Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer sells remarkably well because of its design and mechanics. The two go hand in hand to create the most desirable facial cleaner out there.

Nano-Ionic Technology

Secura designed its facial steamer to generate nanoscale hot steam in a matter of seconds. The smaller the steam particles are, the more easily they get absorbed through your skin. This means your skin moisturizes quickly, so you don’t have to sit in front of the facial steamer for 30 minutes.

Dual Function

You can use Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer for more than just facial treatment. Secura also made NanoCare work as a humidifier. If you have sinus troubles, this facial steamer will unclog the mucus buildup so you can breathe easily again.

Price & Warranty

The product comes with a one-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about it breaking for a whole year. The optimal place to buy Secura NanoCare Facial Steamer is Amazon because the online retailer provides a 50% discount off the original price.

Best Professional: Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner

Panasonic is internationally known to produce high-grade appliances, so it makes sense that Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner would be the best professional facial steamer on the skincare market.

With this facial steamer, you can enjoy spa quality relaxation at a fraction of the price it would take to go to a spa. You can't go wrong buying a facial steamer produced by Panasonic.

Who Is Panasonic?

You may have some Panasonic appliances at home, such as your television or other home appliances. Not many people know that Panasonic manufactures high-grade beauty products at a reasonable price.

For under $150, you can purchase Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner. A cost to the spa costs more than that. By buying this facial steamer, you would be making a long-term investment to having healthier skin in the comfort of your home.

Who Can Benefit?

Think of the facial steamer as being your personal facial sauna. Regardless of your skin type, everyone has pores that get trapped with dirt.

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner will soften your pores so you can experience a deep pore cleaning.

Every time you touch your face; you expose your face to millions of dirt particles. Sometimes even harmful bacteria can get lodged into your pores, causing severe acne breakouts. Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner stops the breakouts from happening in the first place.

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Steamer

What’s The Technology Behind It?

Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner works tremendously well because it has salon-grade deep cleaning features. Every dirt particle that’s ever landed on your face will be removed immediately after you expose it to the facial steamer.

Nano-Steam Technology

Some facial steamers can remove makeup, and Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner is one of those facial steamers. You can have a face full of makeup, and after six minutes of steaming, you can easily slide off even waterproof mascara.

The nano-sized steam particles that come from the facial cleaner relaxes and softens your skin.

The calming effect you feel in a spa comes from the nano-sized steam particles that Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner also emits.

The nano-steam technology is the reason for Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner purging effect. Your skin will feel healthier after exposure to this high-powered facial cleaner.


Most facial steamers take 30 minutes to provide a full facial treatment. This means you'll have to plan the exact time and date you have to undergo your weekly facial steaming. Panasonic eliminates that planning by producing a device that gives a six-minute spa facial treatment.

This device takes only 30 seconds to heat up entirely, and take only six minutes to give you a facial treatment you would have paid hundreds of dollars for.

Price & Warranty

Warranty information about Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner can be found in the manual that comes with the device.

Amazon is the major seller of Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Cleaner and the preferred place to buy the product. For under $160, you can give yourself a full facial treatment without having to leave your home.

Best Home: NanoSteamer Facial Steamer

For those looking for a facial steamer that’s been designed by scientists, look no further. NanoSteamer Facial Steamer is the ideal home facial treatment appliance because it’s easy to use as well as being fashionable.

NanoSteamer comes in white and blue and looks elegant next to your other beauty products. Most people won't know what the device is used for when they see it, but once you explain it'll make sense.

Who Is Pure Daily Care?

Pure Daily Care is made up of a team of scientists that use hard facts to develop their beauty appliances. It is a relatively new company that efficiently uses modern technology to find new ways to create facial steamers.

For the best spa treatment you can give yourself, Pure Daily Care is the manufacturer to look for. Pure Daily Care models its products after professional-grade appliances to give you the ultimate spa experience in the convenience of your home.

Who Can Benefit?

NanoSteamer - Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

For those who want to cut back on spending money going to the spa will find great use out of NanoSteamer Facial Steamer. All around steam exposure from a facial steamer is hard to find. Pure Daily Care manages to produce NanoSteamer, which does provide full face coverage.

NanoSteamer also comes with a five instrument bonus kit that comes in handy when you need to get rid of a particular blackhead that’s hard to reach.

You shouldn’t be popping blackheads with your fingernails anyways, so surgical stainless steel blackhead extractors are the ideal solution.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

NanoSteamer Facial Steamer comes with features that qualify it as the optimal home facial steamer.

Long Running Time

Spas require facial steamers with limited time, so you don’t end up having a full facial treatment. NanoSteamer Facial Steamer has one of the longest running times when compared to other facial steamers on the skincare market.

The device can run for 30 minutes straight without making any noise. You get to choose how long you want to expose your face to steam, so you truly get to relax. The lack of noise the machine makes also adds to the relaxation part of the facial treatment.

Nano-Ionic Technology

Pure Daily Care combines an ultrasonic vaporizer with a heating element to emit nano-sized steam particles. Due to the ultrasonic vaporizer, the steam comes out negatively charged. Ionically charged steam particles could penetrate skin ten times more efficiently than steam without ions.

Best Portable: Sliver Fox Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer

People who frequently travel require portable sized devices. If an item can fit in your carry-on bag, then you are ready to go. Thankfully, a personal facial steamer does exist. The top rated portable facial steamer is Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer.

Who Is AW International?

You may not have heard of AW International because they largely produce fitness and kitchen appliances. Recently they have been trying to break the skincare market by manufacturing the ideal portable facial steamer- Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer.

Who Can Benefit?

For those who have jobs that force them to travel a lot will benefit from what Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer has to offer. You can quickly throw the steamer into your bag and go ahead with your day. You can be in another country by dinnertime, and you'll still have your facial cleaner by your side.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

The portable design of Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer means that the device runs differently than your standard facial steamer.

Space Saving

The facial steamer is purposefully designed to be as small as it could be so that you can use it anytime. The front nozzle is detachable so that you can remove it from the product's body. This causes the product to take up less space in your bag.

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer weighs about 4 pounds, which won't significantly alter the weight of your bag. Keep this in mind when you're traveling, and you need to check in your bag. You don't want to end up paying extra for the weight of Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer.

silver Fox Mini-Facial Steamer

Vapor & UV Technology

Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer is similar to NanoSteam Facial Steamer in this regard. With Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer, you have the option to choose between steam and UV functions. There are separate on and off buttons for each feature, so you don’t have to use them both at once.

The UV features increase the effectiveness of the steam by increasing the vapor quantity. This means more steam particles get absorbed by your skin, so you have healthier skin in a short time frame.

Price & Warranty

Unfortunately there is no warranty available that covers any damages for Ozone Mini-Facial Steamer. The optimal place to order this product is through Amazon.

Best Handheld: KingdomCares Facial Steamer

For those who want to carry even less weight on them, KingdomCares Facial Steamer is the handheld facial steamer you’ve been looking for. On summer days, it’s extremely easy to clog up your pores with dirt and oil that’s found in your surrounding environment.

With KingdomCares Facial Steamer, all you have to do is take the device out of your bag and turn it on. The product is that easy to use.

Who Is KingdomCares?

KingdomCares Facial Steamer

KingdomCares produces high-grade skin care products that range from facial steamers to exfoliators. They even sell makeup brushes for those looking for cruelty-free beauty products.

The company is relatively new, so no one has heard about KingdomCares yet. Their handheld facial steamer is one of the top rated handheld beauty devices on Amazon, so you are guaranteed to get a product that delivers results.

Who Can Benefit?

Those who want access to everything in their skincare routine at all times will find that a handheld facial steamer is the only way to go. KingdomCares Facial Steamer is the best quality facial steamer you can buy that’s available on the skincare market.

If standard facial steamers are difficult for you to operate, KingdomCares Facial Steamer is even easier to function. All you have to do is make sure the device is charged before using it.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

KingdomCares Facial Steamer releases a direct stream of steam that moisturizes your eyeballs, hair, face, and dull skin immediately. It’s a portable device that will invigorate your face within a matter of seconds. The steam has the power to relax your skin, mimicking spa quality results.


The detailed reviews above about each facial steamer will be sufficient enough information for you to make your final choice. I would personally go with the top rated device because it’s the best facial steamer all around.

If you have a particular need in mind, you should get a facial steamer adhering to that need.

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