The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Face Serum

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Face Serum

Trying to keep up with all of the modern beauty trends can be overwhelming, but there are some basic products that nobody should be without. Facial serum is one of these beauty essentials that everyone should own, so if you’re in the market for a new product or simply haven’t tried them before, you may need some direction.

There are virtually hundreds of different serums, oils, and creams on the market so finding one that works and is affordable can be a challenge. When looking for the best facial serum specifically that search gets even harder as not many people know to shop for the right fit for their skin.

Applying Face Serum

This buying guide is here to solve all of those problems and point you in the right direction for what you’re looking for. We’ve found the best anti aging serum, general, facial serum, those that are budget-friendly and others that are a little more luxurious. Without help, you’ll be able to get the perfect product to suit your skin and beauty regimen.

Not only have we rounded up the skin serum, according to customers, but we’ve made it easier to choose one based on the features you might need. This one simple addition to your skincare routine can have huge results, so it’s about time you added it to your essentials list.

Our Picks

There are some beauty products out there considered optional, but something as effective and simple as a face serum should be on your must-have list. A facial serum is a lightweight moisturizer designed to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin, and we’ve got the best on the market according to their loyal beauty consumers.

Winner: TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

Any time we can make a healthier and more natural choice for our bodies and still get good results, that’s the way we should be going.

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum is powerfully effective and all by using a plant-based formula that won’t clog your pores or damage your skin with artificial fillers and chemicals.

The TruSkin Vitamin C Serum uses an advanced antioxidant ingredient list that targets the signs of aging and is constantly voted as the best antioxidant serum around. 

The ingredients including vitamin C, vitamin E, and botanical hyaluronic acid which all work together on things like firming the skin and reducing dark pigments and sunspots.

According to the reviews, people did notice that some of their spots and lines were disappearing, but perhaps not as fast as they had hoped. This is one product where you’ll need to be patient to see dramatic results.

The cost might put some people off as they’ll need to get through at least one bottle before they start noticing a change, but it will definitely happen.

This is a truly natural product and is free from any color additives, stabilizers, or fragrances. Better yet, it’s not tested on animals so you can have no guilt about using it. There are plenty of powerful natural ingredients like witch hazel and jojoba oil so you really feel a huge difference as soon as you use it.

Some things that the customers liked about this was that it was the best serum for combination skin, dry skin, and oily skin. It’s completely lightweight and won’t feel greasy so you can put it on and then forget about it. If you’ve had trouble with other face serums and the feeling they leave on your skin then this is a great alternative to try.

TruSkin offers a 90-day guarantee on their product so if you don’t like it at all, they refund your money. In this promise, they also state that there’s no need to return the bottle to get your refund. This kind of promise shows that they’re a legitimate brand with a product that works and they’re happy to stand behind it.

The TruSkin Vitamin C Serum does cost a little more than most and it can take some months to get the results you’re hoping for. However, if you’re not after a miracle overnight cure and really prefer something natural on your skin, it’s the only way to go.


Runner-Up: InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum

Another brand to harness the power of vitamin C is InstaNatural with its hydrating serum for face product.

This serum is targeted at fighting the signs of aging, but is more about blemish defense and getting rid of the everyday problems that many of us face.

According to customers, it did a pretty good job of disappearing their blemishes over the first few weeks of use.

This included things like pimples, dark spots, redness, and hyperpigmentation so it’s the best serum for face problems like these. 

However, you have to be vigilant in your use of it and remain consistent with the other products in your regimen.

One huge turn off for customers was the citrus smell. There were a few who enjoyed it but the majority found it to be overwhelming. Consider your own sensitivity to smell when you choose the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum and be prepared to block your nose when you use it if you really want to enjoy the results.

The hyaluronic acid in this makes it the best serum for dry skin, but those with oily or combination skin might want to look out. Some users found it made their complexions feel oilier than usual so it might not be ideal. Depending on how your skin normally reacts and how dry it feels, you may need to shop around for something suited to your skin type.

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum also claims to have some anti-aging effects but it was too early for many customers to tell if it worked as well as their blemish control. Vitamin C is the main ingredient that helps with these things like wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to the powerful punch of antioxidants that it offers.

This is another great natural product packed full of great ingredients straight from nature. Vitamin C, ferulic acid, and hyaluronic acid are the three key ingredients at work and they’re all completely safe for your skin and deliver great results. InstaNatural doesn’t test on animals either so it’s a cruelty-free beauty product you can proudly add to your line up.

What makes this a great choice is the price and considering the natural ingredients and amazing results you might be surprised at how affordable it is. The InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum is a good choice for your first facial serum as you test the waters, and you might find that you love the results so much there’s no need to spend more and upgrade.


Alternative: The Yellow Bird Blue Tansy Face Oil

Another big beauty product on the scene is face oil, delivering many of the same results and benefits as facial serum.

The Yellow Bird has created a balancing facial oil that could also be used as a facial serum, and it’s called their Blue Tansy Face Oil.

This face oil is a little greasier than serums and not as lightweight so it’s better suited to those with dry or normal skin.

If you’ve tried a face oil in the past and didn’t like the feeling, you probably won’t enjoy how this one sits on your skin either. 

Those who want to get in deeper and get more hydration though, it will probably suit you well. This is our pick for the best night serum for face and neck because it’s completely moisturizing and does its best work while you sleep.

The benefits of Blue Tansy include reduced wrinkles and improved collagen, so it’s good for anti-aging and clearing your skin up in general.

There are three key things that the Yellow Bird Blue Tansy Face Oil claims to do which is restore, calm, and soothe. It does with this a natural mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids that are all great for your skin, while also being vegan and cruelty-free.

The smell of The Yellow Bird Blue Tansy Face Oil is mild so it won’t overpower you. However, some people found that there were no obvious results after a few weeks of use. This is one product that you’ll need to try for a few months before you notice any big changes so patience will be important.

The Yellow Bird is a US company and everything is made right here at home using natural ingredients. The ingredients in this deliciously smelling facial serum include jojoba oil, blue tansy, camellia oil, and other essential oils. It uses more ingredients than others we’ve reviewed but some people like to take all of the help they can get when it comes to their skin.

This is the cheapest facial serum we’ve found that was naturally made, cruelty-free, and with so many happy customers. If you want an entry level face oil to add to your collection and don’t mind waiting patiently to get the results, check out The Yellow Bird Blue Tansy Face Oil.


What Is A Face Serum?

Face Serum

Keeping up with every beauty trend and the new products on the scene can be very hard to do. If you’re someone who only wants to take care of their skin and keep it in the best condition possible as the years go on, you will only need to know about the essentials.

Face serum, although somewhat new on the scene, has quickly become one of these essential items.

Face serum was designed to be a lightweight alternative to moisturizer. Anyone who’s used moisturizer before, whether it was on the face or body, will know that it usually feels heavy and can sometimes even be a little oily or greasy. Therefore, the need for something gentler and lighter arose and facial serum was the answer.

Another difference that facial serums have is they’re more about delivering ingredients deeply into the skin, rather than just making you feel soft and moisturized. You’ll usually find things like vitamins and antioxidants in them because these will deliver real results and actually make a difference on the skin.

The ingredients of face serum differ depending on the brand and the benefits and goals of each product. Common ingredients include vitamin C due to its high number of antioxidants, vitamin E for its hydration, and various other plant extracts, botanicals, and gentle but effective natural sources.

A facial serum can be used at any time of the day or night, but some people have their preferred time. When used at night, it may be able to get deeper into the pores without interruption, so if this would suit your beauty routine then look for one designed with this purpose.

Otherwise, a general face serum can be quite versatile and even used underneath your daily makeup.

Features To Look For When Choosing A Facial Serum

Shopping for a new beauty product isn’t always easy, because there’s no one size fits all approach. Beauty products are very personal items and we must find the one that suits our skin and beauty regimen for it to be successful. When looking for your new facial serum, these are some things you may want to consider so you choose the best one.


Face Serum Ingredients

The ingredients will be the most important feature as they will determine the results. Common ingredients including vitamin C, but there are other oils, vitamins, and plant extracts as well. Most facial serums are plant-based or made without many synthetic materials and this is usually gentler on the skin.


Safety is important when we’re talking about skin care and you don’t want to put just any product on your skin. Look for important things like FDA approval, organic ingredients, and lots of customers reviews that can vouch for its quality. Consider any sensitivities or allergies you have when shopping around.


When deciding on the best value facial serum or which one you will need to replace more often, look at the volume. A good face serum doesn’t need much product to work, so incorporate the quantity into the price when you’re comparing against others to see if you’re getting a good deal. Usually, you can save money by buying a larger bottle as well.


Many brands these days are making sure their products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals, with some also being vegan-friendly. Facial serums are often made of natural ingredients and this cruelty-free approach is an important one.


Each face serum has its own benefits and promises for what you can expect. Some are mainly about anti-aging, others are for hydration, and the rest are more about blemish control. You’re likely to have one of these goals in mind for your beauty routine so shop for that purpose.

Skin Type

Your own skin type should be considered when choosing a facial serum. Some are designed for all skin types and they are perfectly fine, but to get one that will deliver the best results you should shop for the skin you have. You don’t want to dry out your skin further or add oil to an already oily complexion, so this is a big one.

Beauty Routine

Woman Looking In Mirror

Check that the product will suit the rest of your beauty routine before you proceed. Some products don’t mix well with certain ingredients or they may be recommended to use on their own, which won’t suit your existing routine. A good face serum should work with what you already have and not make it more challenging.

A Must Have For Your Beauty Regimen

Face serum might be the new kid on the block when it comes to beauty products, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important one. These serums can replace the traditionally heavy and oily moisturizers that so many of us use and deliver serious results for our complexions so you should definitely consider adding them to your beauty lineup.

There are so many great face serums out there and we’ve found just a few of the best for you to try. These products are all natural and cruelty-free so you know you’re giving your skin the best of the best. However, be prepared to be patient when waiting for results and trust that the antioxidants and vitamins are doing their work under your skin.

A good face serum can be used night or day and should work alongside your existing beauty routine. Replacing other oils and moisturizers that many of us apply every day, this is a general approach to blemishes and anti-aging that works for all skin types and ages, so it’s about time you added it to your beauty routine.

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