Best Face Mask For Clear & Healthy Skin

Best Face Mask For Clear & Healthy Skin

Face masks have always been commonly used in various parts of Asia, and it isn't until recently that Western cultures have begun to understand the advantages they can bring to your face. When you regularly use face masks, within a month, you'll look a decade younger than you do now.

Finding the right face mask for your specific skin type can be a challenge, but we are here to help. Below we have found five face masks that could be suitable options. We have provided brief reviews on each face mask so you can find the best one.

Best Charcoal Face Mask 

Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask


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    60 mL bottle
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    Deep Pore Cleanser
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    Contains Minerals, Vitamins, & Nutrients

Excellent For Targeting Blackheads

For those of you with severe problems regarding acne requires specific treatment targeting blackhead removal. Thankfully, Piero Lorenzo has released a Charcoal Face Mask that’s marketed as being a Blackhead Remover Mask.

Piero Lorenzo has cracked the formula of a charcoal black mask, so when you apply this mask onto your face, it will remove any whiteheads, acne, and blackheads away from sight. Dirt that has lodged itself deep in your pores will find itself extracted after a single use of the  Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask.

Every inch of your face ends up feeling smooth and clean because over 90 percent of the dirt present has been removed. You're probably familiar with those charcoal nose strips, which specifically targets blackheads, whiteheads, and acne around the nasal area.

Instead of targeting only your nasal area as the charcoal nose strips do, the Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask functions as for your entire face. This means that an inconsistency present on your skin will have been eliminated.

Your face now becomes toned and radiant since it is receiving the vitamins, extracts, and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Pore Tightening Results

This bottle of the Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask adheres to the upgraded formula that has improved on certain elements of the face mask formula that other buyers had issues with.

Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask

For instance, the Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask has a uniquely strong absorbent quality that helps it really seep into your pores. Combine its strong, absorbent nature with its enhanced deep cleaning function; you can expect this best charcoal face mask to remove the most even stubborn of acne.

In fact, you only have to use the Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask once to understand how it can improve your skin. Buyers have noticed that their pores significantly minimized in size after applying this peel-off face mask.

To make the most of out the face mask, you should place a hot towel on your face to open up your pores. This ensures that your pores are large enough that it absorbs as much of the face mask as it can.

For less than $15, you could take advantage of what the Piero Lorenzo Blackhead Remover Mask can do for your face.

Best Clay Mask 

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask


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    Comes in a 9-ounce bottle
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    Around 90% consists of Natural Ingredients

Deep Cleaning Action

Clay masks have a different texture to them when compared to the texture of charcoal masks. The different texture also plays a role in how easy your pores can absorb the mask present.

For some, clay masks such as the Pure Biology Clay Face Mask is more friendly to your skin type than a charcoal face mask. If you’ve never tried a clay face mask before, you should consider giving Pure Biology Clay Face Mask a try.

This clay face mask is highly rated for its deep cleansing power that is effective even after one facial treatment. Your skin will appear brighter and smoother within a matter of minutes.

The Pure Biology Clay Face Mask will clean your pores similar to the way any other classic clay mask. However, the feature that caused Pure Biology Clay Face Mask to earn the title the best hydrating face mask for dry skin is its use of NaturePep Pea.

NaturePep Pea is a proprietary extract that has clinical research backing it up. Research states that exposing the skin to NaturePep Pea can help correct skin defects. Pure Biology Clay Mask contains a combination of NaturePep Pea along with traditional clay base.

Thanks to the superpower combination that Pure Biology came up with while creating its Clay Face Mask, applying this skin care product as advised will help clear all imperfections acne related.

Quick Results

The Pure Biology Clay Face Mask is advertised as a brightening mask due to its special formula. This means that once you apply this face mask to your skin, it’ll illuminate any dry skin along with decreasing the chance of you developing any irritation to the product.

Pure Biology Clay Face Mask

There was a 28-day clinical study that tested the effects that Pure Biology Clay Face Mask had on participants skin. Less than 20 percent of participants saw a significant decline in surface spots and other acne issues.

As you can see, for specific skin types, the Pure Biology Clay Mask will work wonders. One issue that buyers did have with the skincare product was how applying the mask can be a messy ordeal.

To avoid messiness being an issue, you should use a brush to apply the clay face mask and not your hands.

In regards to price, the Pure Biology Clay Face Mask can be yours for under $25, which is a bargain when you think about the positive effects it’ll have on your skin.

Best Gel Mask 

SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask


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    Uses Snail Secretion Filtrate
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    Comes in a pack of ten
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    Contains Hydrogel Material

Unique Formula

You won’t find many face masks that adhere to the ingredient list of the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask. Many people like using this face mask because of how strange the concept sounds.

Once you wrap your head around it, you’ll be wondering as to why you haven’t been following this skin care treatment sooner.

The SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask contains snail secretion filtrate, which may disgust you at first. You’ll be surprised to hear that the secretion filtrate that they extract from snails contain large amounts of valuable nutrients that are responsible for keeping your skin hydrated.

In fact, the properties present in snail secretion filtrate have medically shown to help with acne, scars, tissue repair, and razor bumps. Since this secretion contains up to 98 percent water, you can expect it to alleviate any problems you have regarding dry skin.

Snail secretion filtrate includes these noteworthy ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, glycolic acid, vitamin C, E, A, and other nutrients.

Natural Ingredients

The entirety of the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask isn’t solely made out of snail secretion filtrate. It also consists of licorice root, chamomile flower, sesame seed, and rosemary leaf. All of these ingredients are certified to be natural, which means you’re exposing top quality ingredients to your skin.

SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask

The base of the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask is inspired largely by hydrogel technology. SKEDERM applies hydrogel to its Snail Jelly Mask by making it 90% of the overall ingredient. High-grade makeup products typically use hydrogel since it has high water-retaining features.

The hydrogel is even used in medical tools that come in handy during surgery. As you can see, it is a water base that won't have any adverse effects on your skin. This is new technology that makeup companies have only recently begun to take advantage of.

If you order a pack of 10 sheets of the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask via Amazon, you can rest assured that you're getting the best deal out there. This is because Amazon is offering a 40 percent discount on the gel masks overall price, which lowers the price tag to less than $20.

Best Korean Face Mask 

A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask


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    32 sheets in a pack
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    Types of Facial Masks: 32
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    Eye Area covered for your Eyelids

Advanced Cosmetic Formula

The A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask is a brand new line of essence masks to come from the cosmetic specialists over at Dermal. The formula of the best face mask for pores includes highly concentrative yet active ingredients that will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

In fact, the ingredients present in the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask prevents air from infiltrating your skin. This causes your skin to be the ideal base to respond to ingredients whose function is to moisturize, clear, tighten, and alleviate stress present on your face.

For example, the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask comes with pearl powder and other mineral-based ingredients that makes it easy for your skin to relax and absorb all the beneficial minerals provided.

This Korean face mask also comes with vitamin E as well as collagen, which will transform dull, tired looking skin to healthy skin.

When you order the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask, you’ll be shocked to see the quantity of face mask sheets provided. You’ll receive 32 sheets with a single order, which is excellent for those who forget to restock their face mask sheet supply after going through a pack of ten in two weeks.

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet 32 Full Color SET

For more effective results, you want to use the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask anywhere from three to four times a week.

Easy Application

You have to remember that you can only use each mask once, and will have to discard it after you're done using it. Before you use the A+B Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Face Mask, you should clean your face, so it is not too oily or too dirty for the mask to really get up in your pores. Once your face is clean, make sure to dry it.

After you clean your face, you can gently wrap the mask onto your face, and you can smooth it out, so it fits evenly. Now you have to set a timer for 20 to 25 minutes. During this time you shouldn't be moving around a lot. To gain the most out of your face mask, you should lie back and relax.

When the timer goes off, you have to remove the face mask slowly. If there is any leftover serum, then you will want to massage your face until most of your skin absorbs it. After you're done with using the face mask, you can apply a lotion that you prefer to use on your face.

Best Mud Mask 

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask


  • check
    8.8 Ounce Container
  • check
    Comes straight from the Dead Sea
  • check
    Additional Ingredients: Aloe-Vera, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Chamomile Extract, and Vitamin A
  • check
    Suitable for Everyday Use

Effectively Treats Skin

The advanced formula of the New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask includes dead sea mineral mud, which is scientifically known to treat skin conditions. There are nutrients present in the Dead Sea Mud that will shrink your skin's pores, eliminate any toxins, as well as minimize and prevent lines and wrinkles from forming.

Even with all the benefits it provides, a lot of buyers agree that this is not the best face mask for blackhead removal. Since this is a mask that can be used on your face along with your body, it can’t be too harsh of an exfoliator. Only face masks that act as exfoliators can effectively remove blackheads.

Since the New York Biology, Dead Sea Mud Mask can be used on both your body and face; you can take advantage of its healing properties to target other skin conditions you have developed.

New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face & Body

For example, you can use the New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask to reduce any cellulite you might have around your legs and stomach area. This is because the mud mask improves blood circulation in those areas, which helps to relax your skin.

This is the best face mask for dry skin because the mud also helps to ensure there is a healthy balance of oil production on your skin. Doctors tend to recommend a Dead Sea Mud Mask treatment for those who have to deal with extremely dry skin.

Additional Ingredients

The New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask isn’t solely made out of Dead Sea mud. In fact, the ingredients used are part of a complex formula that works with the mineral mud to thoroughly extract dirt and bacteria in your pores.

You'll no longer have clogged pores with the presence of chamomile extract, sunflower seed oil, vitamin A, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. When you use these natural ingredients in conjunction with the Dead Sea mud mask, your skin will automatically look radiant after a one time use.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Face Mask

Types Of Mask

Face masks can be separated into categories that classify it by the treatment it provides. You could use a mud mask, clay mask, cream mask, peel-off mask, sheet mask, and gel mask to transform your skin to be healthy and radiant.

It’s not recommended to mix using all these masks in one sitting since some of the ingredients could counteract with one another to cause irritations to develop on your face. To avoid this from happening, you should also read the instructions that come with the face masks.


If you've ever given a nose strip a try and wished you could apply the same concept to your entire face? Those who answered yes are perfect candidates to try a peel-off face mask since it applies that same nose strip feeling to your whole face.

The best peel off face mask comes in a tube, which you can squeeze to release the mask so you can apply it to your entire face. Typically, the best face mask for blackheads tends to be the peel-off kind.

What Skin Type You Have?

Your skin type will determine which type of mask is best suited to treat your facial needs. If you use the wrong face mask on your skin type, you run the risk of making your skin problem a lot worse than it was.

Different types of skin.

We will go through every skin type and provide recommendations as to which type of mask would be best suited for your skin type.

Oily Skin

People whose sebaceous glands are overactive will exhibit more signs of oily skin than normal. Usually, the cause of blackheads and spots is oily skin. This means that if you use a face mask to combat oily skin, you can then treat other skin conditions as well.

Your skin will have to appear oily around your forehead, chin, and cheeks for you to safely say that you have oily skin as a skin type.

The best face mask for oily skin would be one that's based on clay. This is because clay is the one the soaks up a ton of oil from your skin. The bentonite clay is strong enough to unclog your pores with causing any irritation afterward.

Out of the ones we've mentioned above, it's safe to say the best clay mask, the Pure Biology Clay Face Mask, would be your best option.

Dry Skin

Regardless of your age and gender, anyone can exhibit signs of dry skin. If you happen to live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions, then you may be more prone to having dry skin.

After a certain point, the dry skin is unavoidable since it will be a sign of aging. Those who are taking medications should also be aware that dry skin might be a side effect of what they are taking.

As you can see, dry skin can emerge from any source, but we have found out a way to treat it adequately. When treating dry skin, you need to be extra careful and gentle about what lotion you're exposing it to since your skin will be sensitive.

The right facial mask to complete the task would be a gel face mask since it’ll provide soothing and moisturizing properties that won’t irritate your skin. The one we recommended above, the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask, should suffice.

Are You Allergic To Any Of The Ingredients?

Before you buy any product that you have to apply to your skin, you need to make sure that your skin won’t have any adverse reactions to the chemicals present.

Woman touching her skin.

For instance, those who have extremely sensitive skin will find out at some point in their lives that a majority of skin products contain too many chemicals. Chemicals such as fragrance and other alcohols lodge themselves into your pores, which then causes your skin to flare up.

You can avoid having to endure these flare-ups by totally avoiding face masks that use them. Look out for the words natural and organic when you go to the drugstore.

How Long-Lasting Are The Effects?

The effects are temporary, especially those using face masks to combat aging. If you follow a rigorous face mask schedule, then the results will stay consistent. However, it is not good to overdo applying face masks before seeing a dermatologist.

How Often Do You Have To Use It For Noticeable Results?

The best face mask for acne will take around one month for you to notice any radical changes to your skin.


Hopefully, by now you have found a face mask that caters to your skin needs. If you make sure to adhere to the face mask schedule, then you’re bound to see results in a short time frame.

The face mask I highly recommend would be the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Mask since it contains an ingredient no other face mask has, snail secretion filtrate. Those who don't have the proper skin type to take advantage of this treatment should avoid it at all costs.


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